Born out of a creative vision for innovative real estate development, Pandom Ltd., part of the Weiss Group, was founded in 1999 by brothers Rony and Yoel Weiss, and Rony Ben Yosef.
Pandom is currently active in a range of related fields, including:
  • Large-scale development and management of residential and commercial real estate throughout Israel and Europe
  • Purchase of properties for preservation
  • Office developments for lease and sale
  • Organization and management of real estate purchasing groups
  • Management of income-generating real estate
  • Building restoration and urban renewal
Pandom benefits from financial stability and successful cooperation with Israel's leading real estate and investment companies, all of which exhibit significant financial strength alongside extensive proven experience in their fields. Pandom’s partners on various projects include: Sufrin Group, the Real Estate Investment Fund of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild, Tidhar Construction Group, Rogovin, Levinstein Group Holdings, and more.
The company's portfolio reflects a broad-ranging strategy that emphasizes investment in premium, low-risk properties, such as: Bank Discount Tower in partnership with Bank Discount and the Levinstein company, office buildings at 28 and 30 Lilienblum Street in Tel Aviv, and Tama 38 (earthquake resistance and retrofitting) projects in Tel Aviv and Givatayim.
Pandom’s flagship project, in cooperation with the Tidhar Group, is located at 10 Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv, The very heart of the city’s financial district. This project involves the preservation of five buildings in line with the strictest regulatory standards. All five buildings are located between Rothschild Boulevard and Lilienblum and Herzl Streets. This exclusive project also includes the construction of a Ritz Carlton hotel with private apartments on its upper floors – the most prestigious residences in Israel.